Learn to play roulette

In Roulette, the player can use various types of game strategies. From the simplest, to reduce risks and earn money little by little. Even the biggest and riskiest bets, which can make you rich in minutes. Thanks to this combination of ease and variety of strategies. Roulette is one of the most popular and preferred games among professional and amateur players.

Would you like to learn how to play roulette and, who knows, risk a bet? Well, dear reader, in this article. We will tell you a little about how to play Roulette and start betting. Come learn and play in our online casino !

The composition of the game table

In a very basic way, Roulette is made up of a real roulette wheel and a betting board. Roulette consists of 37 or 38 numbers (it depends on the style of the game, if it is European or American), starting from zero.

The numbers on roulette

Each number belongs to a color (black or red), which are arranged alternately, that is, if number 1 is red, number 2 will be black and so on.

The classic roulette ball

There is also a small ball used to determine the number drawn. This ball is thrown while the wheel is spinning, so that it can land on one of the boxes.

The board, in turn, is where players mark their bets and is divided into two parts: inner and outer section. In the inner section are the individual numbers, which are divided into three groups and three columns.

In the outer section are the betting pairs: black or red, odd or even, low or high. Each of which covers a group of 18 numbers.

Betting rules

The basic roulette betting rule follows the general betting logic rule. That is, the lower the probability, the higher the prize. In this way, the inner section offers the highest values, because the probability is lower.

For example, if you decide to bet $ 10 on a single number, your odds of winning will be 1 in 37. Which means that if you win, you will receive $ 370 as a prize. Similarly, if you prefer to bet on the groups in the outer section, the probability will be higher. And therefore the performance will be lower.

Let’s say you chose to place a $ 10 bet on the red group. Your chance of winning will be 1 in 2, since half of the numbers are from the red group. So if you win, you will receive $ 20 as payment.

Odds when playing roulette

Due to these variations in odds, there are various betting and gaming strategies that can be used. There is also no betting limit stipulated in the general rule of Roulette. The online casino determines the minimum and maximum amount of bets for each round and at each game table.